Youtube element

Youtube elements let you add youtube videos to the page using their reference code (what comes after watch?v= in the video’s URL):


newYoutube("myVideo", "aFPtc8BVdJk")

PennController is set to preload all resources, which means the trial will not start until the youtube video is stored in the browser’s cache.

Note that Youtube elements use Youtube’s IFrame player API. Support might vary across browsers (e.g., preloading seems more efficient on Firefox than on Chrome).

By default, the Youtube controls of the videos (buttons, progress bar, …) are not displayed. You can tell PennController to show the controls by adding a third parameter upon creation:

newYoutube("myVideo", "aFPtc8BVdJk", "show controls")

This setting cannot be changed by a command as of beta 0.3.


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