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In this tutorial, we will learn to implement a simple experiment design using PennController for IBEX.
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The empirical question under investigation is: how quickly do people notice the presence or absence of an -s on a verb?

A good exercise when you start designing an experiment is to try to schematize it.
In this case, we consider the following description:

  1. A welcome screen with some text, an input box where to enter an ID, and a button to start the experiment
  2. A series of trials all following the same pattern:
    1. The screen is blank during a brief period of time
    2. Two pictures appear side by side
    3. Brief pause
    4. A sentence starts unfolding visually and auditorily
    5. Wait until one of the two pictures is selected and the audio is done playing
    6. End of trial
  3. A final screen with a confirmation link

This is what we will have at the end of this tutorial, but as a first step, we will start with something much more basic: a one-screen task showing one sentence and two pictures asking for a key press.

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