You can use PennController with any Ibex experiment, whether it is hosted on the PCIbex Farm, on the the original Ibex Farm or on your servers as a single experiment.

You cannot use multimedia resources uploaded to chunk_includes on the original Ibex Farm (single experiments should have resources in www).

Experiments created on the PCIbex Farm, come with the latest version of PennController pre-installed, so normally you would not need to install PennController. However, if you want to use a different version of PennController or remove it from your PCIbex Farm project, follow the steps in Installation from Github below. These steps also apply to the original Ibex Farm. See Manual uploading for single experiments, or if you cannot use the Github method for some reason.

Installation from Github

This method does not require the creation of a Github account and will not overwrite any files (other than any pre-existing file named PennController.js).

  1. Open your experiment and look for the text update from git repo. If you do not see two input fields below the text, click on it to unfold them.
  2. In the top field, repo url, enter
  3. Leave master in the bottom field (branch/revision) for the latest stable release of PennController, or enter the desired version number (e.g. 1.3 for PennController 1.3, or 0.3b for PennController beta 0.3)
  4. Click the Sync button
Update from git repo
The ‘Update from git repo’ field

Remove PennController

If you cannot delete the file PennController.js from your project, repeat the steps above but use remove in the branch/revision field. The content of your file PennController.js will be erased.

If you decide you want to use PennController after all, simply repeat the steps above using master or any version number you like in the branch/revision field.

Manual uploading

If you created your experiment on the PCIbex Farm then PennController is pre-installed: you already have a file named PennController.js in Controllers. If you need to update or remove PennController, use the Github method above.

If you created your experiment on the original Ibex Farm, please try installing PennController from Github as described above. If you need to install it manually anyway, you can download the file PennController.js from any of the version-tagged folders form the Github repository at this link and then upload it to your project’s js_includes folder.

If you host your experiment on a separate server, simply add the file PennController.js to your experiment’s js_includes subfolder on your server.