EyeTracker element

Failing calibration with a score of 0? Upload this file to your project to overwrite the EyeTracker element (don’t mind the corresponding warning message in the Debug window)

Eye-tracking requires access to the webcam, which itself requires hosting your experiment on a secure domain (https). You can set up your project on either the PCIbex Farm or the original Ibex Farm, but you will need your own server to save the collected data.

Introduced in PennController 1.8, EyeTracker elements let you track which elements from a designated set are being looked at by the participant. It uses the javascript library WebGazer.js developed by Alexandra Papoutsaki’s team.


newEyeTracker("tracker", 100, 80)

The number parameters are optional and are used to determine when an element is considered looked-at. In this example, if 80% of the (estimated) looks fall on an element over 100 cycles, then it will be considered looked-at. If these parameters are omitted, an element is considered looked-at as long as one (estimated) look falls on it.

See the page Collecting eye-tracking data to learn how to set up your experiment and your server to collect eye-tracking data.


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