PennController.SendResultsGlobal Commands

PennController.SendResults() (since PennController 1.1)

or PennController.SendResults( "label" ) (since PennController 1.1)

Creates an item that will send the results to the server when it is run. You can give a label to the item by passing a string as an argument to PennController.SendResults and then refer to it in PennController.Sequence in order to send the results early.

Sending the results early is useful if you want your participants to see a confirmation screen at the end.


    newButton("hello", "Hello")


    newText("thanks", "Thank your for participating in this experiment.")
    newText("link", "\u003Ca href='somelink'\u003EClick here to confirm your participation.\u003C/a\u003E")
    newTimer("forever", 1)
        .wait()            // Timer never started: will wait forever