PennController.GetTable( tablename ).setGroupColumn( columnname )

Tells which column in the table assigns each row to a given group of participants, i.e. which subset of rows PennController will keep for each group of participants listed in the column.


[js highlight=”13″ try=”data”]

AddTable( “test_table” ,

GetTable( “test_table” )
.setGroupColumn( “Spelling” )
row => newTrial( “button trial” ,
newButton(“the button”, row.Text )
.log( “Group” , row.Spelling )
.log( “Text” , row.Text )

Creates a 2×4 table called test_table with column names Spelling and Text (manual creation for purpose of illustration—you would normally upload a CSV file to chunk_includes). Uses the column Spelling from this table to identify which rows go with which groups of participants.

Every other time the experiment is run, participants will see trials generated either from the two rows where Spelling is Normal or from the two rows where Spelling is Reversed.

The very first line runs a trial incrementing Ibex’s internal counter at the beginning of the experiment, which determines which group is run, so you can cycle through the rows if you re-run the experiment.