PennController.InitiateRecorderGlobal Commands

The recordings you collect will be uploaded as .mp3 files inside a .zip archive file for each participant. However due to a problem with how the voiceRecorder element was coded, the files actually are .ogg files. If you are unable to open them, try using VLC media player.

PennController.InitiateRecorder( url )

or PennController.InitiateRecorder( url , message )

Note: you cannot use this command if you install a custom build of PennController that does not include the VoiceRecorder element.

Use this to specify the URL of the PHP file to upload the audio recordings collected during the experiment.

InitiateRecorder creates a PennController trial asking for the participant’s consent to record audio samples. You can specify a message to replace the default one. Use the label command on it to determine when it should appear in your sequence of trials.


    "This experiment collects audio recordings. <strong>Once you grant it access to your recording device, you will be notified of whether you are being recorded by a label at the top of the page</strong>"


Adds a page asking for the participant’s authorization to use their recording device, using a custom text message.