Spreadsheet & Template

This page describes how to generate IBEX items from a CSV design file.

Format of the CSV file

The method described on this page presupposes that your CSV spreadsheet has one of the two general formats below.


Sentence PictureLeft PictureRight
The dog is tall bigdog.png highdog.png
The cat is big tallcat.png highcat.png

Example of a group design

With the table below, each participant will only see trials corresponding to either the A or the B rows.

Group Sentence PictureLeft PictureRight
A The dog is tall bigdog.png highdog.png
B The dog is big talldog.png highdog.png
B The cat is tall bigcat.png highcat.png
A The cat is big tallcat.png highcat.png

Create the IBEX items

Upload your CSV file under chunk_includes in your Ibex project and use the command PennController.Template to generate trials from your spreadsheet.

If your spreadsheet file contains a Label column, the generated items will be labeled accordingly (unless explicitly labeled otherwise). If the file contains no column named so and no explicit label is given to the items, they will be labeled Item-N, where N is a number.

[js try=”data”]
row => PennController(
.settings.size(80, 80)
newText( “sentence” , row.Sentence )
newCanvas( “images” , 200 , 100 )
.settings.add( 10 , 10 , newImage(“leftImage”, row.PictureLeft) )
.settings.add( 110 , 10 , newImage(“rightImage”, row.PictureRight) )
newSelector( “choice” )
.settings.add( getImage(“leftImage”) , getImage(“rightImage”) )

See the tutorial page for more.