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Hi Sabrina,

Re. the image problem, this is likely due to the high number of requests for files sent to the server within a short time period. It would most likely improve with a dedicated server (as the farm’s server is already close to saturation all the time) but the issue has happened with a dedicated server too. The solution most likely to prevent this issue is to consolidate the images into a zip file. See this post on how to use the zip file method with the S3 service of the AWS Free Tier offer

Re. the save problem, a less radical workaround consists in re-creating the file, rather than copying the whole project. Reference

Re. the results, there are two known issues. The first is, it takes time for results to be added to the database, so you will likely need to wait a few hours before you can see the latest submission. The other issue is, if you try to access the results several times without refreshing the page, the different requests can sometimes conflict and you end up with incomplete or redundant results file. So ideally, always refresh the page before accessing the results. Reference