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Hi Jeremy,

I have a good update: I figured out how to record the Prolific IDs! Turns out Prolific generates a link with syntax “pid” instead of “id”. Easy to overlook!

I have another question! In my experiments, participants are typing in made up sentences but when want to elicit a particular sentence structure where the verb is always between 2 nouns. To do that, it would be helpful to have a text input box and in it, a verb displayed in the infinitive form, so that participants know what the verb is supposed to be there but they can also change its form (e.g., to run –> ran). I know you can specify the text by typing in the second argument in TextInput(“answer”,“Type in here”) but would it be possible to display different text on each trial (from the .csv)?

I have tried this but it didn’t work:

        newTextInput("verb_answer", getText("verb"))
            .css("border-bottom","2px solid black")

I would appreciate your help!