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You can’t control the cursor’s position, as that would pose serious security issues. You could, in theory, center the image at the cursor’s coordinates, but that’s not how I wrote the DragDrop element. What you could do to modify the behavior of the DragDrop element is upload PennElement_dragdrop.js to your project’s Modules folder, and look for these lines in the file:

start = {x: ev.clientX, y: ev.clientY, top:, left: rect.left, 
        old_top:, old_left:, old_position:};
$({position: 'fixed', top:, left: rect.left});

and replace them with:

const newtop = ev.clientY - rect.height/2, newleft = ev.clientX - rect.width/2;
start = {x: ev.clientX, y: ev.clientY, top: newtop, left: newleft, 
        old_top:, old_left:, old_position:};
$({position: 'fixed', top: newtop, left: newleft});

You’ll get a warning that the element type DragDrop is defined more than once when test-running the experiment, but other than that it should work as expected