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Hi Iris,

I am not aware of anyone implementing the Corsi task in PCIbex, but it sounds like a fun challenge! It would, however, definitely require injecting some JavaScript, I don’t think there would be an efficient way of coding such a task using PennController commands only (it would result in a very lengthy and redundant code). Maybe the smartest things to do would be to create a new PennController element type, but that would mean making decision as to how you use the element, how/where/whether one defines the demonstration sequence, whether you can shuffle the blocks, should it stop at the first wrong click/tap or should it be lenient (or should that be a parameter? if so, how?), etc.

In the meantime, I came up with a toy example here, where I heavily rely on the PennController Function and Var elements to execute JavaScript functions, accessing the internal structure of the elements:

It’s not perfect, but at least it’s very customizable once you make sense of all the JavaScript code

Let me know if you have questions