getEyeTracker(id).start() (since PennController 1.8)

Starts tracking which element is being looked at.

You should use add first to tell the eye tracker which elements are to be tracked.

The EyeTracker element will not collect any data points until start is executed. Use stop to stop tracking elements and sending data to your PHP script.


[js highlight=”9″ try=”data”]newTrial( newButton(“Start”).print().wait(newEyeTracker().test.ready()) )

newText(“Left”).css(“padding”,”20vw”).print(“20vw”, “40vh”),
newText(“Right”).css(“padding”,”20vw”).print(“60vw”, “40vh”)
getEyeTracker(“tracker”).add( getText(“Left”) , getText(“Right”) ).showFeedback().start()
newTimer(1000).callback( getEyeTracker(“tracker”).hideFeedback() ).start()
newSelector().add( getText(“Left”) , getText(“Right”) ).wait()

Will start tracking looks to the Left and Right elements after they are printed.

Published by Jeremy

Researcher in semantics and pragmatics; Programmer of PennController for IBEX