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    Hi Jeremy,

    Me again! Almost there with this experiment. I know that “randomize” works in the PennController.Sequence when pulling items from a csv file. However, this seems to show all my items in complete random order which means that more than one test item will be shown in a row, which is not ideal for me. I used to use rshuffle in ibex but it’s not clear to me if this can still be done when items are being drawn from the csv file. I do have items labelled in my spreadsheet but I seem to only be able to specify the column using randomize, not the individual labels within that column.

    Thanks so much!


    Hi Cassandra,

    The labeling and sequence order system did not change in PennController, the only difference is that you no longer have to write var shuffleSequence = seq( ... ), you can use PennController.Sequence( ... ) instead. Items are labeled using the first argument of the PennController function that creates them (if provided as a string). Here’s an example (I use AddTable for the sake of illustration—using a CSV file works just as well):

    PennController.AddTable( "myTable" , `Column1,Column2
    PennController.Sequence( rshuffle("UpperCase","LowerCase") )
    PennController.Template( "myTable" ,
      row => PennController( row.Column1 , // Using Column1 to label the trials
          newButton( row.Column2 )

    Let me know if the example is unclear



    Oh great! Thanks! This helped a lot.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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