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    I am trying to implement an experiment where some texts elements are superimposed on some parts of the pictures. However, I want to make sure that they are placed at exactly the place I want them to be, and not some other places due to the resolution change between participants. Is there a way to achieve that? or maybe check people resolutions and code the trials according to their resolutions?

    Here’s a working example of my design: (it includes a click sound as well)

    I also have other questions that are not directly related.
    – My design is such that there are some words first, and then a picture comes, but words have to be on top still. I used z-index : -9999 for the picture. It worked for PennController2.0, but does not work with 2.1 version. Why?
    – I also have a “click.wav” file which I want it to be played when the picture comes about. It again works in 2.0, but not in 2.1.


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    Canvas elements allow for arbitrary positioning of elements. For example, this would print the word “hello” at the bottom-right corner of the image:

    newCanvas("myCanvas", 200, 300)
      .add("center at 50%", "middle at 50%", newImage("myImage.png"))
      .add("right at 100%", "bottom at 100%", newText("hello"))

    Anyone still experiencing issues with PennController 2.1 is invited to downgrade to 2.0 following these instructions


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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