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    Hi Jeremy,

    I am currently writing a script for a new experiment with the new PennController experiment farm (which is great!).
    It has happened to me a few times now (last weekend and now) that I could not access the website ( for about half an hour. I tried it with Opera and Firefox. However, my internet was working and I could also access the old PennController Ibex. Do you think this is something about the server or should I use some other browser?



    Hi Elise,

    Thanks for bringing this up.
    I’m having the same problem recently.

    Looking forward to any help or suggestions.

    Thank you!


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    Muxuan He

    I think it is because the website is under maintenance! That happens to me too and also they said so when I tried to download the results file.


    Our apologies – we continue to wrestle with some issues caused by people accessing results files, now that the number of users has dramatically increased in a short period of time, and are working hard to keep things up and running. We’ll keep everyone posted and will also send out an email update soon to a newly set up mailing list for registered users at Thanks for your understanding and patience in the meantime!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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