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    Here is a link to our experiment: https://farm.pcibex.net/r/NbFcPB/

    Please see the response below for a description of the problem(s) we are encountering.

    We are currently piloting our experiment with members of our lab and running into a strange issue. For all but two members of the lab, the experiment works perfectly. The only thing these users have in common is that they are both using non-Apple devices but we do not think that is the issue because the experiment has worked for other users using non-Apple devices. For these two users, the problem differs every time they try to complete the experiment. Here is a list of the various problems they have encountered:

    – Lagging. We have a couple of initial instruction screens and during one attempt there was a significant lag in these screens appearing.

    – Videos freezing/not appearing. We are hosting all of the video stimuli for this study via two zip files in DreamHost and using PreloadZip() at the beginning of our experiment. In some instances, the experimenter videos are freezing and in other instances, the stimuli videos are either freezing or appearing as a black screen. This error (videos freezing or not appearing) is the most common issue we are encountering.

    **One additional point regarding the problems with the videos is that the freezing/not appearing is almost always with a different video or at a different point in the experiment. Essentially, the experiment stops working due to a frozen video or a video not appearing at a different point in the experiment every time (so we are assuming it is not a specific video that is the problem).

    We have tried to address this issue by playing with the wait time after videos and adding CheckPreloaded() but both users are still unable to complete the experiment.

    Any assistance and/or input would be greatly appreciated!

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