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    Hi Jeremy,

    I’m going to run experiments in languages other than English and I need to customize default loading messages accordingly.
    There are currently two pages with default messages that I need to change:
    (1) the initial loading page with the following message:
    “Loading, please wait…”
    (2) The “preloading resources” page with this message:
    “Please wait while the resources are preloading. This may take up to 1min”

    I believe that I once found a topic with similar questions in the forum, but I cannot find it. Sorry if I’m double posting.

    Additionally, I would like to add other elements, such as an image/text to the preloading page. Is there a trick to do that?

    Best, Nasim

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    Hi Nasim,

    You can use the tip in this message to translate almost any text in the experiment

    I can’t think of an easy way to add content to those pages off the top of my head though, sorry



    That’s alright! Thanks for your help.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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