change the sittings of screen width.

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    Hi! I am using PCIbex to build a self-paced reading study and I try to make my sentence to show up in one single line.
    I know that some of my sentences are long, but I am wondering if I can make the screen display wider to see if it can make my sentences fit in one line.
    Anyone how to do this?

    Here is the link of my experiment

    Thank you!



    One option would be to identify the longest text you have and create a Canvas element of a size that would fit it, then print that Canvas element scaled to fit the page. The text will probably appear a little small on some screens, but that’s the only way you can make sure it will fit on a single line. A width of 115em seemed to display fine:

    newCanvas("container", "115em", "5em")
        .print("center at 50vw","auto")
    newController("DashedSentence", {s: row.sentence})
        .print( "center at 50%", 0, getCanvas("container") )


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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