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Hi Jeremy,

I have a problem concerning preloading pictures. Sometimes, when I used the data-collection link to run a pilot test, a “please wait while the resources are preloading” page might “randomly” come out, and then the picture I expected was a blank. I called it “randomly” because without changing anything (the script or resources), by simply refreshing the page, everything can run through smoothly (no preloarding page anymore and the pictures were presented as designed). I am wondering if there is anything wrong with my test or anything I can do to avoid this “random” problem. Please understand that it is not so convenient to share the experiment link. Sorry.

Another problem is about refreshing the experiment. It seems that too many requests may lead to the block of some new requests and a warning sign saying “ERROR: There must be some items in the running order!” might be presented when there are obviously some items. I am not sure if there are other ways to deal with the “block” other than just waiting.

Look forward to your reply, and many thanks in advance!