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Hi Daria,

The file SV_fillers.csv in your first experiment contains three empty rows at the end: those form a second group besides “Fil,” and Template cycles through the two groups based on the counter, just the way it cycles through the groups in SV_stimuli_AC.csv. When it runs the second group, the rows generating the filler trials are empty, so row.sentence is not defined, thus raising the error you report. You can also see that in the debugger’s Sequence tab: in problematic runs, you only have two filler items, associated with “PennController::SV_fillers.csv:33” and “PennController::SV_fillers.csv:34,” 33 and 34 referring to the 33rd and 34th rows (excluding the header row) from SV_fillers.csv—the very last row is ignored, as it is truly empty: unlike the two previous ones, it doesn’t even contain a linebreak character

Delete the extra rows in your CSV file, and also maybe just remove the “group” column entirely from that table, since you want to use all the rows for all participants anyway