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Dear Jeremy!
I’m so so happy it worked!!!!! Thank you for your feedback!!!

Ohhhh, concerning the Var element…oh, all right. Yeah, you got my idea, which was to try to create a new collumn which would have the timers from Instructions_E up to the end of the experiment, so that then I could make the function in R use it as its parameter, but now that the 1:n() solution is working, I don’t think that adding a new Var is the best option, right? I guess that it is making the experiment kinda slower…but, If I did include that, would it look sth like this?

    "position": "absolute",
    "margin-top": "255px",    //places it in the middle of the screen 
    "white-space": "nowrap"})
 getVar("BLOCKS").global().set( v => - v )
,                                                     ->......... it returns me an error when I try to separate them
.log( "BlocksTimer" , getVar("BLOCKS") )