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Hi Larissa,

One issue is that you have at least one case where the log command of the Key element is missing "all" (at least in the current code at, where it concerns the trials labeled “trial_1_no_cue_DOWN”)

In the absence of a keypress, the line will have Key as its parameter instead of PressedKey, NA as its value and Never in the EventTime column. So filter(Parameter %in% c("Key","PressedKey")) %>% will exclude those lines where the participant never pressed a key. Try replacing it with filter(Parameter %in% c("Key","PressedKey","Key")) %>%

I’m not sure how to handle the block issue for now. You are correct: having NAs in place of timestamps messes with the block column and will assign block 0 to those NA rows. One solution would be to use the linear order of the rows to assign blocks rather than just the EventTime column, but I can’t think of an immediate way of doing it off the top of my head