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Hi Monica,

1) You cannot sync projects with because that repository does not consist in a (PC)Ibex project’s directory structure. If you’d like to try out 2.1 beta, you should simply download it from here directly and upload it to your project’s Modules folder to overwrite the existing PennController.js file. Keep in mind that 2.1 beta is work in progress: I haven’t released it yet, so the version currently on the repo is susceptible to change any time (so if you download it today and download it again in, say, 2 months, you might get two different versions, if I made edits in the meantime)

2) I think the issue you’re describing has to do with the farm sometimes internally creating multiple copies of the same file (eg. main.js) and, as a result, it alternates which copy it saves your edits into, and which copy it serves while running the experiment, so your latest edit aren’t always reflected when running the experiment. I am working on fixing this bug, but in the meantime, if that happens, select all the text in the editor, copy it and paste it somewhere safe, then delete the file from your project (the farm will delete all internal copies with the same name), then recreate it, and paste the content you copied earlier. This way, your project will internally have a single copy of the file again, and the problem should go away. Repeat the procedure if it starts happening again

Regarding the files you need to preload: it could be that you experience the same issue when editing your CSV file, in which case your latest modifications to it might not be reflected when taking the experiment. If that’s the case, follow the procedure I just described. It could also be that, if you uploaded a new version of the zip file to your webserver, your browser still reuses an older version it kept in cache. If that’s the case, a full refresh should make sure your browser fetches the most recent version of the zip file

Let me know if problems persist