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The problem is that I get more than one value in the ‘target_onset_time’ and ‘selection_time’ columns.

Your group_by function needs to identify a single “target” and “answerTarget” line per tidy group, but group_by(Group, Condition) will get you at least 6 lines per tidy group (based on the content of list.csv in the Masked Priming template project: 6 A-transparent, 6 A-opaque, 6 A-nw_fillers, 6 B-transparent, 6 B-opaque and 6 B-nw_fillers, to be exhaustive). If you have more than one submission, you’ll have just as many times 6-lines, because you are not grouping by submission either

You could use group_by(ID, Order.number.of.item) instead (assuming you don’t have more than one submission with the same ID). Just make sure to also include those columns in your select: select(ID, Order.number.of.item, Group, Condition, Expected, PrimeType, PennElementName, Value, EventTime)