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Hi Noelia,

1. This is just a warning, not an error: you have more than one Text element named ” ” in your trial. If you were to use getText(" ") later in that trial, PennController would have to guess which of those Text elements you mean, so you’re being warned that the next three Text elements are being named with a 2, 3 and 4 suffix. I took a look at your code and you don’t actually need those Text elements, you could do that:

newText("<p>¿Quiénes pueden subirse a la montaña rusa?</p>")
    .css("font-size", "large")
newButton("1", "les niñes"),
newButton("2", "los adultos"),
newButton("3", "personas mayores de 10 años"),
newButton("4", "todos")
    .add(getButton("1"), getButton("2"), getButton("3"), getButton("4"))
    .keys("1", "2", "3", "4")

2. Are you saying that when you press the “2” key when, for example, the shuffle command made the Button named “3” appear as the second option, you see “2” where you would expect “3” in the results file? I tried adding and waiting for a Button element after the Selector element’s wait command, and I see that the framed button does correspond to the key I press (ie. the button displayed second in a top-down order is framed, regardless of which button it is)