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Edit: Sorry, I misidentified the problem. The message you get means that at least one entry in the items array is missing either the controller’s name or the options for that controller. For example, this would generate the error message you get because the second "DashedSentence" before {s: "Bye Earth"} is missing:

["myitem", "DashedSentence", {s: "Hello world"}, {s: "Bye Earth"}]

Ibex checks that there is an even number of elements after "myitem", because it expects pairs consisting of a controller name and an object representing the options for that controller. If it finds an odd number of elements (as is the case above: there are three elements after "myitem") it throws the error you get

This means that the items array is not well-balanced with respect to the latin groups you defined. As written in the original Ibex documentation:

Note that the second number in the pair must be the same for all items in the group

Feel free to share you experiment’s demonstration link for troubleshooting


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