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Hello Jeremy,

I’m hijacking this thread to dig deeper into something you mentioned:

Do you know if the participants took your experiment at a specific time? With a specific browser? From a specific region?

I am located in Germany and advising my participants to do the experiment in the morning hours of Central European time. I do this because I assume most people in the US who run and take part in PCIbex experiments are still sleeping and thus don’t cause too much load on server bandwidth(?).

I also figured that browser support seems to matter (with Safari apparently the worst).

What else is it about these factors (time, browser, region) that affects smooth running of the experiment or data transfer to PCIbex servers? And how can we influence that overseas?

I appreciate all your good work and support here in this forum. All questions I’ve had so far could be answered with a simple string search here. So thank you!

@ Heidelberg University Language and Cognition Lab

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