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You shouldn’t be able to see any picture, since you cannot apply the necessary “granting access” step on GitHub:
I see you have a .htaccess file in your ZIP file, but this is not what you should be doing: the .htaccess file should be uploaded to a webserver besides the ZIP file. GitHub is not a valid webserver, so you cannot use the ZIP method by uploading zip files to GitHub

This means that your zip file will never get downloaded, and your experiment will never have access to the images. Do you ever see any picture displayed at all? I don’t know how that could be. My recommendation is you upload the images directly to your project by dragging them over your project’s Resources folder (it might take a few minutes, because there are many files, and make sure to refresh the page after all uploads appear as completed, to check that no file is actually missing)

The command CheckPreloaded will simply check that preloading took place, it won’t preload anything by itself (preloading starts automatically at the beginning of the experiment) it will just insert a pause until the resources have preloaded, or a timer has expired (5min by default, iirc)

There are other problems with your experiment, notably that there is no list.csv file even though you have a Template command that looks for one. You should not turn the debugger off until you are ready to run your first real participant