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I’m currently trying to program a simple self-paced reading study with comprehension questions after each sentence. I have three conditions/groups (between subjects). Essentially, I just want my participants to be automatically assigned to one of the three groups when they begin the study. I’ve been following a few different tutorials/forums on how to program something like this using “Template” but I’m a little stuck on how to proceed, specifically with how to make sense of the syntax after “newTrial”. My CSV file that contains the experimental items has the following columns:
1. Sentence (the actual sentence itself)
2. Group (the group that it belongs to/the condition I want my participants to be automatically assigned to: A B or C)
3. Item (1-40 to signify my 40 experimental sentences)
4. Type (high, low, or global in terms of its ambiguity)

How do you suggest I program the code if essentially I just want a simple self-paced reading design with the following columns implemented? Thanks in advance!

Here is the demonstration link to my study: