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Hi Ana,

You inserted the code at the right place, there only are two minor problems:

– your TextInput element is named "inputNasc" so you need to update the querySelector line: const ipt = document.querySelector(".PennController-TextInput-container.PennController-inputNasc-container textarea");

– you have a wait on the TextInput element before you call the Function element, so the function will only be called after a keypress on Enter, at which point it is too late for the function to have any effect, really; simply add a getTextInput("inputNasc") after your Function element’s call command (don’t forget the separating comma) and attach the wait lines to that getTextInput instead, so that you wait for a keypress after the function has been executed

Two last notes:

– you haven’t added the CSS rules to Aesthetics/PennController.css yet—the function will work without them, but the rendering will look very messy (even more so given the long list of cities you have)

– you might want to change the local.filter line to sug = local.filter(v=>v.match(new RegExp("^"+ipt.value, "i"))); so you only keep the suggestions that start with what’s in the text box, rather than any suggestion that simply contains what’s in the text box anywhere (notice the addition of "^"+)