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I currently see 7 html files in your project’s Resources folder: buffer1.html, buffer2.html, buffer3.html, endangered_animals_at_a_glance_questions.html, energetic_emily_questions.html, engineering_and_natural_gas_questions.html, verification.html

When I copy your project and create a new HTML file using the ‘+’ button next to “Resources”, or upload one by drag-and-dropping it there (or using the upload icon and selecting a file from my device) I do get the “upload to chunk_includes” confirmation message and the file appears under Resources

Note that there is a “filter…” field under folders’ names where you can type text to only show filenames that contain that text — make sure you haven’t any text currently typed in there when looking for the uploaded files

If the problem persists, try duplicating your project and uploading your HTML files to that cloned project; if upload succeeds, delete the original project and continue working with the cloned project (you can rename it to use the original project’s name then)