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Hi Jeremy,

I still have a problem with running PCIbex on my server. Here is what I did:

In order to add a domain to my server, first I need to add a user. So, my domain will be added to a www folder at this address: /home/users/myusername/www. I copied the whole folder of my experiment into this www folder. I edited the as you said. Then ran the inside the www folder of the experiment (located at/home/users/myusername/www/pcibex_experiment/www), and I got the following error:

  File "", line 1844, in <module>
    for l in control(env, start_response):
  File "", line 1499, in control
    base = env['PATH_INFO']
KeyError: 'PATH_INFO'

Can you tell me what’s going wrong?

Best, Nasim

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