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Hi Nasim,

The documentation is a little confusing about this, but setting up an experiment on a webserver is actually simpler than that, assuming your server readily runs CGI Python scripts (most do).

You should follow the step-by-step CGI instructions. The references to webspr are outdated, but in any case, if you don’t rename any file, the only thing you need to edit (if I remember correctly) is line 20 of to SERVER_MODE = "cgi" (so only bullet 5 from the documentation should be relevant). Then your experiment will be accessible at https://your.domain/path/experiment.html and automatically served on port 80/443 (depending on whether you’re on http or https)

The “stand-alone” mode from the Ibex documentation refers to running the experiment locally, that is, not on a webserver. I sometimes use it when I develop experiments on my own computer, I open a terminal, navigate to the www folder of my project, type python, then I open my browser and visit http://localhost:3000/experiment.html and there I can see my experiment running

I have never needed to run sh

Let me know whether you were able to run your experiment