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UploadRecordings creates a trial, you cannot include it inside another trial (only SendResults has this exceptional behavior, which might not have been the best design decision on my end, since that seems to introduce confusion)

I’m working on fixing the behavior of the automatically inserted last UploadRecordings trial. When you say that “this always happens” even when you manually include an UploadRecordings trial earlier in your Sequence, do you mean that you still see the default one at the end of the experiment, and that that one shows you an error message (but not the one you insert earlier)?

Have you tried something along those lines?

Sequence("intro", sepWith("asyncUpload",randomize("trials")), "syncUpload", SendResults(), "thanks")

UploadRecordings("asyncUpload", "noblock")

  newText("Thank you for participating in this study.").print()
  newButton().wait() // wait on this screen forever