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Muxuan He

Hi Jeremy,

Sorry to reply so late! Thank you for your help so far! I struggled a bit with the password thing.

I have a very specific idea about controlling the input string when participants are required to enter their IDs. I assigned my participants IDs but some of them forgot to do so. I am wondering, besides putting a note below the INPUT box, whether certain codes can help me restrict what participants enter in that box, like in the letter “S” followed by a number (S12).

Also, I have a practice session before the “participant information collection” interface, and usually the participant would end the practice session with a key press “F”, and when they were directed to the “participant information collection” interface, the letter “f” was already there in the box. Some participants were confused so they left the letter there before entering ID and some ignored the input step and used “f” as an ID. I hope to know how I can fix this problem as well.

Thank you for always being there for us!