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Hi Rick,

I see, it’s an actual screen that literally displays “pause” on the page. Would you mind making your project clonable, so I can open it and help you troubleshooting it? I added the option to turn that off because people like having that option, but honestly there really are very few occasions where making your projects non-clonable brings you anything (people who don’t have your demonstration link cannot access your project, and you’ll give the data-collection link to your participants anyway)

EDIT: I looked up the source code of your experiment in the meantime and noticed you have added a few custom functions/scripts to your project, one of those being:

function modifyRunningOrder(ro) {
    for (var i = 0; i < ro.length; ++i) {
        if (i % 10 == 0) {
            // Passing 'true' as the third argument casues the results from this controller
            // to be omitted from the results file. (Though in fact, the Message controller
            // does not add any results in any case.)
            ro[i].push(new DynamicElement(
                { html: "<p>Pause</p>", transfer: 1000 },
    return ro;

I don’t know why it’s there, it’s definitely not something that’s included in default PennController experiments, but in any case, its effect is to add a (native-Ibex) Message controller every ten trials that says “Pause” and stays on the screen for 1s. Just delete that code and the problem will go away



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