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Thank you—so, the first event that gets logged in your trial (after its start) is indeed the keypress of the space bar that reveals the second word (ie. the keypress that “validates” the first word): if you subtract all the reading times from the bolded timestamp, you’ll get the timestamp corresponding to when the first word was revealed. Because the very first event that occurs in your trial is printing the all-blank sentence, you can subtract the trial’s start timestamp (which approximates when the all-blank sentence was printed to the page) from the first-word timestamp you just calculated, and you’ll get how long it took to your participant to reveal the first word by pressing the space bar.

The last event in your trial is a keypress on F or J, which you log: if you subtract the bolded timestamp (which corresponds to the completion of the Controller element) from the keypress’s timestamp, you’ll get how it took for your participant to give an answer to the question

Let me know if you have questions