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Regarding your first question, it is a known bug: pressing the spacebar again during the same trial after the DashedSentence controller has completed will duplicate the logged lines. I am working on fixing this for the next release of PennController. In the meantime, the easiest way to avoid this is to move to the next trial immediately after the DashedSentence controller, but I realize this is not always possible.

Regarding you second question: the bolded number is the timestamp corresponding to when the DashedSentence controller was completed. If you subtract all the reading times from it, you’ll get the timestamp corresponding to the when the first word was displayed (not to when the all-blank sentence itself was displayed). The delay between the display of the the all-blank sentence and when the first word was revealed might account for the mismatch you report, but I would need to see your code to tell for sure (you can use the demonstration link from your project’s Share action for that)