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Hi Jeremy,

I have a followup question to this for a different experiment. Is it possible to use the syntax of “Template( row => ["label", "controllername", options, "controllername", options, ...] )” with both controllers from Ibex but also the newTrial/PennController command?

I’m trying to do an experiment where, in one trial, I (i) play an audio file, (ii) present a sentence using rapid serial visual presentation (RSVP), then (iii) have the participant type something in a text box, and finally (iv) collect a recording from them at the end of the trial. It seems like there are straightforward ways to do everything but the RSVP with PennController. I was thinking I could use the DashedSentence controller with the display set to “in place” from Ibex to do the RSVP, but I’m not sure if it’s possible to mix these things. Given the expected syntax, it doesn’t seem like Template(row => ["trials", newTrial("trial-begin", newAudio("trial-begin", "trial-begin.mp3")), {}, DashedSentence, {s: row.sentence}, ... ]); unfortunately. Am I correct in thinking this won’t work? If not, do you have any suggestions for a good way to do this? Maybe it’s easier to do RSVP of a full sentence with just PCIbex than I think. Thanks again in advance for your time!