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All the timecodes in the results file are expressed in seconds (10 digits) or milliseconds (13 digits) since January 1 1970 (Unix Time). You can use them in two ways:

1. To determine an absolute time point, for example the time code you reported corresponds to “Mon Aug 31 2020 07:54:24 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)” (I got that by typing new Date(1598874864000) in my javascript console)

2. Most usefully, if you subtract the timecodes of two events, you will get how many milliseconds separate them. So if you subtract the timecode for the Start of your trial from the timecode for, say, a click on a button, you’ll know how fast your participant was to click the button

Keep in mind that those timecodes are generated by your participants’ browser as they are completing your experiment, so they won’t necessarily be perfectly accurate when it comes to determining absolute time points (option 1 above) because the internal clock might be off for some participants. However, you’ll always get accurate measures for time differences (option 2)