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I have a similar issue. I want to keep track of correct answers and I tried to integrate the information above but without success. I am not using a scale, I am using the arrow keys. My code to track the keys is:

newKey(“pressOnArrow”, “ArrowLeft”, “ArrowRight”) .callback( getTimer(“timeout”).stop() ).log(“all”) , newTimer(“timeout”, 5000).start().log().wait() , getKey(“pressOnArrow”) .disable() .test.pressed().success( newText(“Good job”).print() ) .failure( newText(“Too slow”).print() ))

Obviously that is not my original coding (thanks for the earlier help). Now, I want to track if the ArrowLeft or ArrowRight is the correct answer and store it in a variable to display at the end of a section of trials. I tried integrating:
.success( getVar(“Acc”).set(v=>v+1) )

But it does not seem to work. I do not need to keep track of wrong answwers. Any thoughts? Thanks!