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Yes, I’ve tried it out and the reading times are ok in almost all questions, however there are some cases where I have a difference of 2 or 3 miliseconds. This doesn’t change the times, but I was wondering why this was happening.

I also have one more question (I promise it’s the last one!). I am uploading the sentences from a table and I want to randomize the presentation. So I put this at the beggining:

Sequence("bienvenida", "identificacion", randomize("experimento"), "enviardatos", "despedida")

I get the sentences presented in a random order, but it’s always the same random order. So then I checked an old PCIbex script and change the code to this:

Sequence("bienvenida", "identificacion", shuffle(randomize("experimento")), "enviardatos", "despedida")

But it didn’t work either, it gets the sentences in the same random order. Do you spot what I’m missing?