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Hi Callie,

I created a duplicate of your experiment to test it, and all the fields were logged just fine in my results file. Here’s an example of one line:

1592357826,fe0dad65f46cfd47ed714d7c0045b9a5,PennController,127,0,experimentalsequence3,NULL,Key,FJ,Key,NA,Never,dsfasdfasd,White,Female,1,SHE,1,0,0,1,LCWW00.jpg,0,(failed keypresses happened)

As you can see, columns 13-15 (starting after “Never”) report the ID-race-gender values

Since you’re not logging these values for the trials labeled practicesequence however, they are not reported on the corresponding lines—if you want them there too, just add .log commands to the corresponding newTrial(...)

Another thing you probably want to change is use .log("last") instead of .log() on your Key elements: by default only keypresses that validate a wait command are recorded, and since you have no wait command in your trials (because you use a Timer as a proxy) you will never see which key was pressed. Passing "last" as the parameter will report a line for the last key that was pressed during the trial, if any (ie. the one that will end the Timer early). This way the same line will also report a timestamp indicating when the key was pressed. You could then subtract the timestamp from the previous line (_Trial_,Start) to get a reaction time, but if you’d rather calculate your RT from when the image was printed, use .log() on your Image element too so your results file reports a line indictating when print was executed

Let me know if you have any questions