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So I took a look at your experiment, and if I understand correctly the audio files that are played more than once only belong to the unique test trial, am I right? So if things work without using a list, and sincecopies you have only one row in your table, why not get rid of the Template and directly code your newTrial there?

Another solution would be to create duplicates of the repeating files, eg. oven1.mp3 and oven2.mp3

I understand that neither is an ideal solution, and I’ll try to identify and fix the problem in the next release of PennController. That being said, I didn’t seem to have a problem when I took the experiment. I don’t quite understand why the problem is not systematic and should only happen sporadically…

Another thing I noted is that the script seemed to freeze (or take a very long time) when sending my recording, so I just quit the page. I guess it’s not very surprising, given that you record a video during the whole duration of the test trial, which is pretty long. The video file is then probably in the order of tens to hundreds of MBs, so it will take a very long time to upload, if it ever succeeds. If it’s a possibility for you, I would strongly suggest you split the recording in smaller chunks, which means splitting your single test trial into smaller chunk trials too. This way, you could use a non-blocking UploadRecordings after each smaller test trial: not only will it start sending the recordings while your participants are still completing the task, it will also send smaller files, which is less likely to hit size limits (some PHP configs come with a 100MB file upload limit by default).