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Hello Kazuko,

I have unfortunately not gotten around to enabling label display with a slider, but you can sort of work around it using a Canvas. The command size applies to every visible element, including Scale elements. The command default allows you to set the value chosen on the scale when you first display it.

Take a look a this code and let me know if you have questions:

    newScale("test", 100)
    newCanvas("container", "500px", "2.25em")
        .add( "left at 0%" , 0 , newText("0%") )
        .add( "center at 50%" , 0 , newText("50%") )
        .add( "right at 100%" , 0 , newText("100%") )
        .add( "center at 50%" , "bottom at 100%" , getScale("test") )