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    Hi, I have a question about using a slider in an experiment, and have tried to find an answer here, but haven’t quite managed.

    We are trying to set up an experiment with a slider that can chose any value between 0% to 100%.
    My questions are:
    (i) is it possible to allow the value where the slider is (especially at 1% and 99%)
    (ii) define the side of the slider that appears on the screen when they test?

    To avoid people entering a round number, we thought to use the slider, rather than letting participants enter the number.
    I am *very* new to setting up a study with the system, and would appreciate any relevant pointer!

    Clarification: I have managed to put the basic slider, but don’t know how to adjust the size of it, and also don’t know how to let the values visible to the participant. The basic slider looks like the position is or is not all the way to the end, and possibly cause difficulty to understand what the participants have done… Thanks!!

    kind regards,


    Hello Kazuko,

    I have unfortunately not gotten around to enabling label display with a slider, but you can sort of work around it using a Canvas. The command size applies to every visible element, including Scale elements. The command default allows you to set the value chosen on the scale when you first display it.

    Take a look a this code and let me know if you have questions:

        newScale("test", 100)
        newCanvas("container", "500px", "2.25em")
            .add( "left at 0%" , 0 , newText("0%") )
            .add( "center at 50%" , 0 , newText("50%") )
            .add( "right at 100%" , 0 , newText("100%") )
            .add( "center at 50%" , "bottom at 100%" , getScale("test") )



    Thank you so much! This helps!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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