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Thanks a lot Jeremy, both for your prompt response and for the information provided.

One more thing appeared that you may have a suggestion for. Right now I have the Sequence( “Intro”, “Ready” , randomize(“Trials”) , “Thanks” ) and it is working great. However, this does not allow any breaks in the middle of the 200 (randomized) trials. I know how to add Timers to add breaks BETWEEN sections of my sequence but I don’t know how to insert a break (within “Trials”) after every 40 trials. In other programs I have used things like ‘counters’ and I imagine that something like that can be added but, how can I make sure that “Trials” presents 40 trials, gives a break (with the participant pressing a button when they are ready to continue) and then continues with the next 40 without losing track of which ones have been presented so far?

Finally, in trying to find help, pcibex suggests that I consult the Ibex manual but when I click on the link provided, it fails to show me the manual.