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Do you see any error messages in the Debug window when you add the .log command(s) causing your experiment to crash? Note that you won’t get any expression starting with variable. to work in a .log attached to a newTrial that is not embedded in a Template command, as those expressions have a meaning as long as they point to a row in your table.

Also, PCIbex current does not generate individual files for your participants. Instead, it aggregates the results of all your participants in the CSV-formatted results and JSON-formatted raw_results files. Note that the CSV file results also contains comment lines prefixes with the # character: you can freely delete those lines if you want.

As for the link at the end of your experiment, it really depends on how you recruit your participants. It’s quite unlikely that you’d really want to redirect participants who have completed your experiment to the same experiment again. Some platforms like Prolific or SONA let you provide your participants with a confirmation link to insert at the end of your experiment that will automatically validate your participants’ submissions. You can also decide to track your participants’ submissions manually if that’s an option you’d be more comfortable with, and I see you’re already collecting IDs about your participants, so it’s definitely something you can do (keep in mind though that rules and/or laws usually apply to collection and storage of identifying information, such as first and last names for example).