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The use .log is admittedly confusing, as there are two main types of .log commands: the .log command on an element and the .log command on newTrial(). The first type will add one or more rows to your results file reporting information about the relevant event(s) associated with the element in question, the second type will add a column to every row corresponding to the trial in question.

In your code, you should move the three lines .log( "correct" , row.Correct1), .log( "correct" , row.Correct2) and .log( "correct" , row.Correct3) and stack them immediately after the closing parenthesis of your newTrial command (ie. before your last closing parenthesis, which corresponds to your Template command). You can take a look at the code on this page of the tutorial for an illustration of how .log is used. You should also use unique strings instead of re-using "correct" three times, as those will correspond to column names in your results file, and having multiple columns with the same name will be confusing when analyzing your data.

In addition to that, you also want to use .log() (nothing between the parentheses) on all three of your Scale elements, so they each add a row to your results file when a selection happens.

Finally, I see that you renamed your first Scale element, but your two last Scale elements still share the same name (“correct”) which, again, will be confusing when analyzing your data as you’ll have multiple rows reporting events about similarly-named elements. I suggest your use something like "whicharticle" as the name of your last Scale element.